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Great holidays are measured through the finest details and at Chan Brothers Travel, we know what makes our travellers tick. Being at the forefront in the business of creating delightful tour experiences for over 50 years is what makes us experts at what we do and keeps our customers returning time and again.

Comprehensive One-stop Travel Solution
Our Retail stores and online website offer the best of both worlds. Convenient booking of travel arrangements in the comfort of your own home with the advantages of booking wth a brick and mortar travel agency, be it for the more personal touch, reassurance of physical customer service staff, payment security, support in an emergency or after-sales service.
Wider Diversity, More Choices
We have multiple agents under Chan Brothers Group with overlapping spheres of specialisation who collaborate to offer you a diverse product range, ensuring pertinent product fit for your budget. With over 50 years of expertise, we possess the experience and connections to customise niche travel experiences, ensuring that while you may be treading in unfamiliar territories, you have the reassurance of a trusted travel professional.
Economies of Scale
With stronger bargaining power, you are entitled to exclusive arrangements such as meals at reserved restaurants, behind-the-scene tours, priority passes or access to regularly “full” hotels. With economies of scale, savings are transferred to you, our customer.
Assurance And Financial Stability
Be reassured that you are booking with a travel agency recognised by established awarding bodies and the public. The Chan Brothers Group portfolio with over $200 million of asset backing on local and overseas properties, ranges from office buildings, shop houses, shop units and residential units in Singapore, China and Hong Kong, as well as residential development in Australia. We maintain uncompromising commitment to offering the highest standards of product integrity, outstanding service, brand reliability and financial stability.

With more than 50 years’ worth of happy customers, no one comes close to Chan Brothers Travel for perfecting the Europe holiday experience.


We all know how holidays can be an important part of our lives whether it’s a time for family bonding, romance or simply to recharge and gain new insights. Hence, we make it a point to ensure genuine quality in all aspects of our well-rounded itineraries so you can get the most out of your holiday experience.

Lucerne city in Switzerland
Well-located And Superior Accommodation
We cherry-picked our accommodation in strategic locations so you can spend your precious time on the actual holiday rather than the commute. And we always strive to provide the most authentic experience – case in point, the opportunity to stay at picturesque resorts embraced by the arms of nature or a fairy-tale chateau while in France.
Seafood paella
Scrumptious And Authentic Meals
Live to eat. With authentic European cuisine from German pork knuckles, Swiss fondue to tantalising Tuscan fare, and familiar doses of comfort food (in case you get those homesick hunger pangs), and opportunities to immerse into foreign food culture on your own, get ready for a burst of salivating experiences. And yes, we fuel up your day with a hearty breakfast every morning too.
happy family riding in travel bus
Travel in Confidence And Comfort
It is our hard-and fast rule. Our modern fleets of coaches are less than 5 years old for a simple but vital reason – your safety and comfort is our utmost priority. After we’ve taken care of what we consider fudamentals, we then throw into the mix a myriad of unique transport experiences – high-speed Eurostar trains, alpine cable car rides, river cruisers and horse-drawn carriages, and the list goes on.

We believe that no two person are the same; likewise, holiday preferences, needs and desires tend to differ even for the closest of pals, the sweetest couples or the most closely knitted families. That’s why we have painstakingly devised a whole suite of diverse programmes to meet all your varying needs. There’s always something for everyone here.


Tourists couple visiting Burano island of Venice in Italy
Easy Pace
Fancy having enough free time to roam on your own, hunt down cool little cafes in that hip district, sojourn to a hidden garden to hang with the locals, or paint the town red with cocktails and your fellow travellers? Then, Easy Pace holidays are your best options in which you can sneak in some free and easy time while having your tour manager on hand to tip off all those insider spots.
Money savings in a glass jar on wooden background
Cost Savers
The perfect introduction to Europe with more in-depth inclusions and fewer optional tours – our Cost Saver intineries offer more bang for your buck. If you are looking to meet Europe’s multiple personalities, perhaps on a first date, this is your best bet for a pretty good impression without breaking the bank. Score.
six cool friends are planning euro trip.
Insider Series
If you consider yourself a rather seasoned Europhile who have dipped your toes in Europe more than your fair share, then our Insider Seriers are likely to have your eyes twinkling with anticipation again. Our in-depth itineraries focusing on a single or two destinations allow more exploration into the intriguing culture and customs that make each of Europe’s destinations so charmingly different. Packages featuring lesser-explored destinations provide intrepid travellers an opportunity to delve deeper into European heartlands while unique thematic itineraries such as river cruise holidays may just offer you a refresthing new take on an old favourite.

Planning a holiday is never easy, especially with busy city folks like yourself, with all the intricate matters that one needs to care of. Now we say, leave the work to us and let us sweat out the details while you only need to sit back, relax and pack those sunnies in.


Successful group of friends showing thumbs up
Genuine Recommendations And Inclusions
You may have had lost a few hairs trying to sieve through the internet for honest reviews of a particular hotel or spent a few hours of your sleeping time scouring for the best flight deals with the least minimal connections only to find out your had been taken for a ride. With us, you will always get the most trustworthy opinions. We also do not glamourise integral attractions as “value-added” highlights nor sneakily package them into optional inclusions. Our reputations’s on the line to ensure you always get the most genuine deal.
Family in the airport
Stretching Your Dollars
While DIY holidays and low-cost options may seem cheaper initially but beware of the hidden or extra costs you are highly likely to incur along the way – accommodation, tips, transport, meals and admission fees. Our comprehensive packages include all that your holiday needs right from the start so you don’t end up with a big shock on your final bill.
Exceptional & Personalised Service
Exceptional And Personalised Service
We confirm your tour departure with as few as 15 persons in the group hence the chance of you being in a smaller group with a dedicated tour manager is considerably high. That just means you are more likely to get personalised service and all the personal attention you deserved.
With our new suite of Whisperer Tours, you also get to enjoy personal commentary through a radio headset so you can focus on what you want to see and not having to move through sights with your tour group all the time. Now, that’s attentino to details.