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Bang for the Buck

Planning a Europe holiday can be a tricky task as it is, but for those wishing to discover the continent on a budget, ensuring that you do not break the bank can become even more of a headache. Fret not. Whether you wish to show up on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, saunter along Central Europe’s gorgeous boulevards, or acquaint yourselves with the exotic cultural offerings of Eastern Europe, we have got it all. Unbeatable value that does not scrimp on service and quality – tick. Curated sightseeing, transport, accommodation and selected meals – double ticks. With our Europe Supersaver series, you will find that exploring Europe while saving your pennies is a realistic affair, and far easier than you may have thought.

Specialised Tour Managers with Expert Knowledge

Much about a holiday is the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of people and places; and how about hearing insights about where to go and what to see, eat and do? Not everyone has adequate time for extensive planning and research, hence having a dedicated tour manager to provide all these precious nuggets of information at the drop of a hat is certainly an attractive ideal. All our tour managers undergo dynamic rounds of training in Europe before they can officially lead an outbound group and as motivated travel professionals, they also keep themselves constantly updated of the latest happenings in that part of the world. Specialised tour managers like ours or poring through insipid guidebooks on your DIY itinerary? You decide.

Tiny Trips That Deliver Big Time

Short on time? Limited annual leave? We understand the constraints of time, and we make the best out of it. Our nine/ten-day itineraries are all about making every moment count with the time you have – fuss-free, affordable and jam-packed with highlights without compromising on service and quality. Short but strong and concentrated (like how plenty of Europeans prefer their coffee), our Supersaver suite of itineraries will have you refreshed, energised and happily pumped all throughout your holiday.

Quality And Value Accommodation

Your comfort is our utmost priority and we carefully plan your stay at quality accommodation in key destinations for more-in-depth exploration and thorough enjoyment of the surrounds. We do not glamourise a hotel’s quality and star rating. With clean and comfortable three to four star accommodation handpicked for their no-frills yet friendly service and accessible location, we ensure you are well-rested every day so you are always ready to take on your holiday the moment you rise and shine.